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Estes Park Biking Guide & Information

Here are some of our favorite places to bike in the Estes Park area. You'll find something to suit your needs whether you want to pedal around with the kids, or huck it off boulders!


Crosier Mt. to Glen Haven (Advanced):
This is a great area full of rocky downhill single track riding. The trail starts at H-Bar-G Ranch and ends in Glen Haven near the Post Office. Parking is located at the corner of 63E (DryGulch Rd) and H Bar G Rd in the gravel lot. From there go right (east) on H Bar G Rd until you see the entrance for H-Bar-G Ranch on the right. The ranch is private property but they have been kind enough to allow us access. Please stay on the road and close all the gates behind you. Once you enter the property stay left and go up the hill, there will be a second gate on your left that marks the start of the trail. Once you have finished and arrive in Glen Haven there are three ways to get back to the top. The first would be to ride back up the trail but you would have to be in really great shape. The second is to ride the highway back, Devils Gulch to H Bar G Rd, which is still tough but much easier than the trail. The third, and easiest, would be to run shuttle and leave a car at both locations.

Recommended Biking areas around Estes ParkCrosier Mt. to Drake (Advanced):
This ride is an extension of the previous trail (Crosier Mt. to Glen Haven) but a bit longer. The directions are the same however halfway through the previous ride there will be a sign where you will make a right instead of a left. This ride has a steep climb which summits Crosier Mountain and is very difficult. Don’t feel bad if you have to walk some of this climb, almost everyone does. There is a reward for the climb on the descending end which is a long and sweet downhill section. The trail ends in Drake and the return trip options are the same as above, except there is a higher recommendation to take the third option as you are even further from your car.

Pole Hill (Intermediate):

This ride contains a number of loops through some beautiful National Forest land.  The trails are much wider than single track and are also used by off road vehicles so keep an eye out.   To get there take highway 36 East to Boulder until you reach the top of the hill as you leave town.  Turn left on the first dirt road (Pole Hill Rd) and go through the subdivision until you see the series of trails start.

Hall Ranch (Intermediate/Advanced):
This is one of the best rolling single track areas around.  There are a number of loops and some variances in difficultly.  Hall Ranch is located just north of Lyons off of highway 7.  There are two parking lots for this area; one is located just off highway 7 on the east side of the road and the other off of Apple Valley Rd which is also east of the highway.  From Estes Park you can take either highway 7 south or highway 36 east to Lyons and then highway 7 north.


Lake Estes Bike Path (Easy):
The pedestrian trail around Lake Estes is a great place to get out with the family and enjoy the scenic landscape!  The trail is a 3.75 mile loop that can be started from a number of locations including the Estes Park Mountain Shop.  

Devils Gulch to Dry Gulch (Moderate):
This is a great loop with some demanding climbs that will sneak up on you!  This is about a nine mile ride than can also be started here at the Estes Park Mountain Shop.  From the shop take highway 34 west towards town.  At the first stop light 34 will turn right, from there take this up the hill until you hit McGregor Ranch Rd and make a right.  McGregor Ranch Rd will turn into Devils Gulch Rd and you will continue on this until you hit H Bar G Rd where you will make a right.  Continue on H Bar G Rd until you hit Dry Gulch where you will also make a right.  From there continue on Dry Gulch until you hit highway 34, make a left, and you will see us on the right.

Estes Park to Bear Lake in RMNP (Difficult):
This is a scenic ride that will expose you to the beauty of Rocky Mountain National Park! This is a twenty mile ride out and back if you start from the entrance station.  From town take highway 36 to the entrance of the park.  Once through the entrance station you will make you’re first left on Bear Lake Rd.

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