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Guided Hiking Trips and Longs Peak
Rocky Mountain National Park is a Hiking Mecca!

A quick breakdown of the trips we offer:

Guided Hiking with The Estes Park Mountain Shop!

Estes Park Mountain Shop Guided Hiking TripsWant to summit Longs Peak? Discover high alpine lakes? Stand on the Continental Divide? Or take a stroll along beautiful mountain streams? Our guides can get you there! Rocky Mountain National Park is recognized throughout the Rocky Mountains for having endless amounts of beautiful hiking trails for all ability levels. We offer a variety of trips suited to your individual needs and desires. Choose your length, choose your difficulty, choose your destination, or let our experienced guides take you to some of their favorite spots! Our guides will help ensure a safe, fun day of hiking for you and everyone in your party!

Longs Peak Trips with The Estes Park Mountain Shop

Estes Park Mountain Shop Guided Longs Peak HikeThe only Colorado “Fourteener” in Rocky Mountain National Park, Longs stands 14,255 feet above sea level. This is an extreme day hike for you adventurous travelers! With a 5000 ft. elevation gain, you will ascend the high alpine tundra, scramble across the boulder field, through the picturesque keyhole, skirt the ledges and narrows above sheer drop-offs, and finally scramble up loose gullies of rock to emerge on the broad summit. You are rewarded with 360 degree views of the National Park, Estes Valley, and the Front Range, looking down on everything in sight! This trip generally starts at 2am, takes 10- 14 hours and should only be undertaken by those in excellent physical health. Dangerous weather and trail conditions can come on quickly at this elevation. Our guides are experienced in reading the weather to help ensure a safe and fun trip for your whole group!

Hiking Trip Rates:
4 Hour 6 Hour
8 Hour
1 Person $99 $149 $199
2 People $119 $169 $219
3 People $139 $189 $239
4 People $159 $209 $259
5 People $179 $219 $279

Snacks and Drinks included on 4 hour hikes.
Lunch and Drinks included on 6 and 8 hour hikes
Guide gratuity not included .

Call 970-586-6548 to schedule your hike!

Longs Peak Rates:
10-14 Hour Strenuous Day Hike
1 Person
2 People
3 People

Lunch and Drinks included on Longs Peak hikes.
Guide gratuity not included.

Call 970-586-6548 to schedule your hike!

Why are our prices so low?

Because we can! We have 15,000 square feet of retail space where we sell high volumes of low priced outdoor clothing and equipment helping us make up for the money lost on our trips. Also we aren’t out to make a ton of money anyways so we can afford to make our trip prices more reasonable. Our main goal is to get you and your family out in the woods enjoying nature. If we can make a few dollars while we are at it, that’s good too, but fun is the primary objective.

Where’s the catch? There isn’t one! We compensate our guides well so that we can make sure we are employing the highest caliber of instructors (many of them work for us as well as the other shops in town), we provide all the quality gear for your trips and lunches just like the other shops, and we hike the same trails. The difference with us is just that we are able to afford to make a little less money for the shop because of the volume of merchandise we sell in our shop.

So come check us out and enjoy the same service at the best prices in town!

Things you should know...

What Should I Bring?
Warm layers of clothing (weather changes quickly in the mountains), rain gear, sunscreen, snacks for half day trips and bagged lunch for full day trips.  Always have plenty of water along - at least 1 Liter per every 4 hours.

What Should I Wear?
Wear comfortable, loose fitting, synthetic clothing. NO COTTON!  Mountain weather is unpredictable, so be prepared for rain, sun, and cold weather. Tennis shoes or light hiking boots. Do not hike in a brand new pair of boots, be sure to break them in first by wearing them around town for at least a full day.

What Should I Eat?
Food is important for both half and full day trips.  A light snack for half days and a nutritious lunch for full days.  Water is probably the most important item of all (a good rule is at least 1 liter per 4 hour trip).

What Should I Bring?

  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Camera 
  • A fleece jacket in case it is cool or gets cool. A warm hat is also helpful.
  • A rain jacket or poncho. Mountain weather moves in quickly and a breif afternoon storm is likely.
  • A small day pack to carry these items is also important
  • Water - at least 1 Litre per ever 4 Hours
Do You Stock Any Of These Items?
Yes, we have a fully stocked outdoor supply retail store.

What If It Rains?
A trip will not be cancelled for rain (Often mountain storms move through very quickly) but we will not go above treeline if storms are in the area. Any hikes going above treeline may have to turn back due to weather. If the weather looks so bad that we decide that we should cancel the trip you are entitled to a full refund.

Longs Peak Special Notes:
Longs Peak is the highest mountain in our park and a significant portion is above treeline. It therefore requires special considerations and precautions to climb it. It is frequently cold enough for you to need a hat, warm fleece, pants, and gloves at some point during your hike (Remember you are starting in the middle of the night!) so bring all of these items with you. You must have rain gear and non-cotton, quickdry clothing. Bring extra snacks. This hike will require the extra calories!

If you cancel a trip for any reason up to 24 hours before your trip, you are entitled to a full refund.  We cannot refund for no shows the day of the trip. If weather is bad and we have to cancel there is a full refund.  We will pro-rate an outing for the time you were not able to hike.

Our Guides
Our guides are patient, well-trained professionals eager to take you on a hike.  All our guides are CPR and First Aid certified.  Guides are compensated for their time but happily accept gratuities for exceptional service.

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