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The Estes Park Mountain Shop Staff
You won't find pushy salespeople here!

Our Staff
The Estes Park Mountain Shop doesn't just have regular employees... our staff is passionate about the outdoors and that translates to the products they sell. They love the outdoors just as much as you do and can usually be found outside on their days off. You won't find pushy salespeople here, just people who want to help you to find the right gear at the right price and get out there and have fun! That's what we are all about.

Rob at The Estes Park Mountain Shop

Rob Mardock - Our Fearless Leader

Rob keeps the Mountain Shop in line. Without him we might sit around talking about the last alpine route we did, the awesome spring skiing, or the sweet North Face softshells we just got in. Thanks for keeping the shop running Rob!

PS: We all know he wants to join in the conversation with his tales of adventures!

Dave Watosky - Manager and Buyer

Dave buys all the amazing gear we carry in our shop. Thanks to him, we have all the latest and most high-tech gear as well as the awesome bargains for which we are known. On his days off this enigma of a man can be found roller-blading around the lake with his K9 pal Rufus or riding his dirt bike in places he shouldn't.

Zach skiing in Rocky Mountain National Park

Zach Zehr - Manager, Problem Solver, Robot of Retail

Zach does it all! He's a high-octane machine - tuning skis, fixing your bike, reorganizing the bargain basement, skiing Longs Peak and mountain biking Crosier... ALL IN ONE DAY! His daily mission is to serve and educate the youth of America, that they might be better at all of their pursuits.

Eddie Frailey - Fishing Sensei

This man eats, breathes, and sleeps fishing – honestly. For a period this spring he had recurring dreams about the brown trout he caught in this picture. If you want someone to go out of their way to help you – find Eddie. In addition to fishing and discharging firearms, Eddie enjoys classic country music, fly tying, and yeah fishing!

Nate "Nasty Nate" Protsman

Nate is a jack of all trades! He enjoys snowboarding, fly fishing, rock climbing, mountain biking and getting outdoors any chance he gets. Nate is a bike tech and ski tuning wiz. He is excellent at helping customers find just the gear they need. If you cant find him just look up because he is very tall.

Andrew Roach - Route Setter, Trend Setter, Bar Setter

He hasn’t yet fathered a child, but instead adores his two adopted babies – the climbing gym and his dog Reggie. Andrew’s influence has touched every inch of our gym and we’re oh-so-grateful. He hails proudly from Texas but you wouldn’t guess it when you see him cruise by in his Prius.


Samuel "Rub-a-bear" Rugaber

He’s so humble he won’t tell you, but Sam’s an aspiring flautist and practiced magician. Ask him about it and he’ll surprise you! You might run into Sam shredding the ski slopes, tearing up the single track, or even casting flies on the Big Thompson. Those close to him call him “Sammie”. Go Cards!

"Ol' Greg" Glasgow

Was that a supersonic plane or did I just see Greg's slow-pitch softball slider go past the plate?

Greg is invaluable as our inventory receiving chief but more importantly valued for his gentle demeanor, his kindness, and his talent as a musician. Catch him several nights a week playing bluegrass at the Rock Inn!